Issues and Recommendations

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The issues raised by over 25 SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) during the interviews conducted between September 2008 and March 2009 were ranked in order of importance using an online survey. The following percentage of SMEs agreed on the corresponding issues being important in JVPR operations:

Issues and percentage of SMEs agreed on them (Total of 15 SMEs responded to the survey.)
Issues and percentage of SMEs agreed on them (Total of 15 SMEs responded to the survey.)

Each team has been given one issue to work on: the goal was to come up with subissues related to the main issue as well as recommendations/solutions for each.

Issue #1: Team 1 Issues and Recommendations

Many fields have limited wellhead and flow rate instrumentation. The lack of measurement data at each well means operators must often use rate estimation techniques for the purpose of reservoir management, engineering and production allocation. For example, if every well in a gathering system does not have a flow rate meter but is tested twice a year, the well test rates are used as an estimate for production allocation from the sales meter. This lack of instrumentation can lead to disagreements over the accuracy of production numbers.

Issue #6 & #7: Team 2 Issues and Recommendations

There are differences in production and automation systems between companies, which make it challenging to share data.
The data coming from various Operators is hard to put together for a Partner because it comes from various sources in different formats.

Issue #8 & #5: Team 3 Issues and Recommendations

There is no global standard format to transmit or share production data.
Hence, there are diverse naming conventions for data elements, a variety of measurement standards (such as pressure base) and a lack of well naming and numbering standards, which makes it difficult to share or organize well measurement data.

Issue #9: Team 4a Issues and Recommendations

Real time information is not easy to send.

Issue #9: Team 4b Issues and Recommendations

Issue #11: Team 5 Issues and Recommendations

On-line direct access to data by Partners is often desired, but raises issues of security, data accuracy, liability, and date transfer standards.

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