Appendix E: Flipcharts from 2008 Workshop

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The explanations and answers to the following questions have been included in the section on workshop documentation of this document.

Image CIMG0993

In blue (from L to R): Manpower or maintenance, G & A, and DD & A forming the Cost Accounting. P&L (profit and loss), Production Accounting, and Valve Division Order, Revenue, and Data Profiling indicate Internal Processes Inefficiencies.

In red: PPA (planned production accounting) (PPA (Prior period adjustment): Looking back in prior allocation to check what went wrong and redo all things to match the estimated allocation number with actual allocation number. PPA happens at the time of reconciliation.)

1. What is well division order?
2. What is data profiling?
3. What is DDA? Depletion/Depreciation/Amortization
Well division order: Division of ownership.
Operator asks Partner to pay their share of expenses. Partner involves very closely in annual budget cycle.
Data profiling: One type of representation of production history. Production history can also be represented by using bubble maps.
DDA: Depreciation, depletion, amortization
Production accountant would deliver more information on these.

Image CIMG0994

In black: FDC (Field Data Capture) through SCADA, well test, and manual data capture. FDC and well test together gives Volume Allocation (O, W, G, D7) as shown in green circles. O, W, G is Oil, Water, and Gas. D7 is a maintenance/lab system used in Chevron.

Larger green circle: Forecasting – Reservoir model and updates (Inferred Measure – Poor quality data). This model is not updated regularly but it should be since the numbers reflected will be used to decide the production forecast. JV Partners – Reporting-Surveillance Exception- GLORT

1. What is surveillance exception?
2. What is ALERT?
3. What are the inferred measurements? And why is it poor quality data?
Surveillance Exception: It is related to monitoring. Reservoir engineer deals with it. The main focus is on maximizing long term value of the major project.
Alert: It is traditional safety system if pressure or temperature is beyond safety value it gives the automatic alert and terns off the operation.
Inferred measurement: Measurement of flow rates by using pressure and temperature.

Image CIMG0995

In black: SP – Tank Battery
In red: SCADA, Sensors, Abdecom, Home
In blue: AWT, Soft Motor, Multiphase meter
1. What is Abdecom?
2. What does home represent?
3. What do words in blue (AWT, etc.) mean?
4. How does the 4D seismic diagram relate to it?
AWT: Automatic well test
Home: Operator’s central system.
Multiphase meter: measures the individual phase flow rates of petroleum, water, and gas mixtures produced during oil production processes.

Image CIMG0096

In blue (rightmost corner): Shows 4D seismic for geologic data collection.
4D Seismic: Can be used to determine if there are changes over time with the seismic signal received from the same geophones using the same signal. If so, this could be interpreted as changes in the reservoir due to production. These changes should be consistent with the predicted changes in the geological and reservoir simulation model over this same time period.

In green: Summation of well rates and oil, water, and gas.

Image CIMG0997

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