Deliverable 6: Analysis of Issues

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The sequence diagrams will be presented to the SMEs (at the 2009 SPE Digital Energy Workshop) for their approval prior to the analysis of the issues/problems faced with JVPR and assessment of recommendations and potential solutions. The affinity diagram developed through this project, which analyzed information obtained through interviews conducted with SMEs, contains initial insights regarding issues within JVPR and suggestions to address these issues that SMEs raised in interviews (see Figures 19k and 19l). These comments were the basis for analysis of issues/problems faced within JVPR described here.

The methodology described in this section is loosely based on the customer needs analysis approach discussed by Ulrich and Eppinger in their book Product Design and Development. This process involved a survey of SMEs and other industry participants to gather a list of all issues/problems faced within JVPR. The list of issues initially supplied by SMEs was included for verification purposes, and a comment box was included for survey respondents to specify additional issues/problems not already identified in the list provided.

Based on the information regarding issues/problems faced within JVPR, a subsequent survey was developed. The purpose of the second survey was for SMEs and other industry participants to rate the importance of each issues/problem identified in the first survey. Therefore, this survey listed all issues/problems obtained and verified through the first survey and asked survey respondents to rate the importance of the issue/problem on a 5 point Likert scale (“very important” to “not at all important”). The responses obtained through the second survey were then used to develop an overall priority for the issues/problems identified in the first survey. This priority was based on the average response for each issue/problem as specified in the second survey in which participants rated the importance of each issue/problem faced within JVPR that was previously identified. Results from both surveys will be added to this report prior to the 2009 SPE Digital Energy Workshop.

The use of this two-step survey process within this project allowed the project team to identify the most important issues/problems faced within JVPR; hence, workshop efforts will focus specifically on these issues. In the workshop, participants will be divided into groups based on their areas of expertise. Each group will be asked to address one or more highly ranked issue(s)/problem(s) faced within JVPR that were identified and prioritized through the survey process explained previously. The purpose of this workshop activity is to have SMEs and other industry experts work together to identify recommendations and potential solutions to address the issue/problem assigned to that group. These recommendations and potential solutions will be added to this report.

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